Saturday April 7th 2018, it is World Health Day. Organized for the 70th time this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on world's leaders to commit to concrete steps to advance the health of all people. While the WHO is aiming mainly for the political leaders of this world, we are sure we can do better and QUICKER.

We, the vivacious leaders of this world, work directly with numerous team members every day. Let's use today for some positive vibes and improve physical and mental health right away. Check out 5 tips to improve the physical and mental health of your team right away:

1. Wall sit challenge

Journey together to a smooth wall and may pure dedication win.

Crown the Wall Sitting Champ in full glory. 

2. You laugh, you lose

Since laughing is scientifically proven to do good, it might be pretty tough to keep this smile off your face. Team up for the most funniest meeting ever, while trying NOT to laugh. May the funniest jokes be told and the grumpiest team member thrive for once in his or her life.

3. Spontaneous Nerf fights

Save up for a Nerf for each of your team members. You don't have to be quick, as long as you aim well. En garde!

4. Walk in trust

Gather in the longest hallway around. Split in two teams and blindfold one of your team. Set up the two blindfolded team members at the start and prepare so one of you can direct him or her the quickest (and safest!) to the finish line. Ready.. set... Go!

5. Tops

Clear out any negativity today. Prepare a list of positive aspects for each team member you work with. Write it down, send a card, or tell it in person. I really like your... 

Had more than enough fun for this year? Yeah, please do not release any more positive vibes in your company. If your employees are sick and tired of the boring, impersonal environment to spend their waking hours, just give them our business card.