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Making Positivity Work


While spending so much life 'at work',
let's make good things happen.


Worldwide Testimonials 

"At a certain point, you notice that the day determines you instead of you determining the day. You do not take the time to stop and look around you very often. As a result, you get into a routine and create a culture of 'We always do it this way'. By weekly creative disruptions and accessible changes, the daily process survives but is continuously updated. This does not scare the team, but eases my team members to embrace the change. The Vivacious knows how to combine this personal development of the team members and the group's dynamics. This realizes a very open mindset which TAKES AWAY ANY OBSTACLES AND MAKES PLENTY OF SPACE FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. That's exactly why The Vivacious is the partner who takes you off the beaten track and makes you find infinite curiousity in a very constructive way."

"My previous coach told/learned me to do what he thought was good. Through you my own vision and insight is released and that is really powerful. I know that I am not the easiest nut to crack, but you have the insight that you do not have to crack me, THAT I CAN DO IT MYSELF. Then you're a real Master!"

"The Vivacious actually adds something besides the requested services. They advise how processes can become better and more efficient and SHOW YOU HOW TO LEAD THIS TRANSITION. We appreciate the independent and objective view of someone with extensive knowledge of doing business, and who sincerely thinks ahead to realize what is good for your company. All of this, while maintaining your company culture. The Vivacious integrates into our business as if it is their own."

"The Vivacious know what they are talking about, anticipate continuously on coming opportunities and risks, give your clear insights where you are at with your company and provides honest advice. In doing this, they have attention for your company, but also for you as a leader. For The Vivacious, you are actually not a number, but YOU FEEL KING (OR QUEEN!) AS A CUSTOMER."

"Always on the search for improvements, requested and spontaneous ones. MUCH MORE THAN THE ROUTINE COACHING ACTIVITIES. A vigilant point of view and the 100% finish of a project, instead of doing just the rough lines. If you're looking for a full-fledged business partner, this is it."

"I got to know The Vivacious as a dedicated and skilled colleague, with a true passion for entrepreneurship. When I started my business, it was not more than proper logic doing this in collaboration with The Vivacious. IT BRINGS CONFIDENCE BEING ABLE TO LEAN ON SOMEONE WITH A GREAT SENSE OF MIND."

"The Vivacious is absolutely authentic: no-nonsense combined with IMMEDIATE ACTIONS. They know what they are talking about, and they deliver what has been promised."

"It is great to have one trustworhty business partner to streamline all business processes with. Finance, taxes, investments, marketing, laws. It's the BROAD KNOWLEDGE OF DOING BUSINESS that distinguishes The Vivacious from any competition."

"In short: MY CRUCIAL RIGHT HAND. Working with you instead of 'giving advice with from abroad', together with their extraordinary human (team)approach. You are some great people!"


We make positivity work, by partnering with today's leaders looking for growth.

As a team starts to thrive, companies do. Pick your weapon.