Worksheet - Goals and objectives worksheet

Worksheet - Goals and objectives worksheet

You have tons of great plans. And with your pereseverance, you will probably achieve them too. Fortunately, you can't predict your future. But like all great athletes do, you can vividly visualize your goal. How will you feell over there, finally on top of your world?


Research show that visualization - creating a mental image of future events - increases athletes' performance, by improving motivation, coordination and concentration.


When we visualize an act, our neurons are instructed how to 'perform' this. This even creates a new neuron pathway in your brain, without actually moving. As an global leader, you're an athlete, in reaching your ultimate victory.


Just visualize your route towards this goal. Fill in this one-page format, close your eyes and come across all the factors along the road. How it will be the coming months. Experience what needs to be done. Open your eyes. Communicate it to your team. And start doing it.  


Have a great day. Not tomorrow. Today is the day.


  • All your goals compact on a single page
  • PDF format, so you can immediately print/adjust it
  • Reusable for all coming years ahead