Worksheet - Sociogram

Worksheet - Sociogram

Your team consists out of special individuals. All team members luckily think and act differently. This makes the world so colorful and progress exponential.

However, there might be periods that your team feels somewhat disconnected. You are all on various frequencies, and tasks are not clearly divided. In this case, you can use this single-page worksheet and print one for every team member. While sitting together, each team member can draw his/her vision on the social positions and connections within the team. This makes you aware of another perspective, and gives the opportunity to talk about certain misunderstandings or problems.

The Sociogram gives you a start, to figure out what could be improved within your team. If you discuss this, make sure you create an open conversation, where every single team member has the same right of speech and feels being heard.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to shoot us a message for some help in leading this (perhaps somewhat difficult) meeting. That's what we are here for! Making Positivity Work. Together.