Webinar serie - My first employee

Webinar serie - My first employee

My first employee
What to think about?

We'll guide you through the woods of signging your first employee. 

  • Finance
  • Legal matters
  • IT
  • Selection
  • Welcome
  • Setting the example
  • And much more!


By purchasing this webinar serie, you'll receive the complete package of knowledge you'll need to contract your first employee. It consists out of:

  • 3 Video's, viewable at your own pace, packed with the wheels you don't want to re-invent,
  • 5 Worksheets, to easily determine what YOUR company needs and ACT right away (think of leading with a strong point of view, creating the culture you want and a checklist for your job interviews),
  • 1 BONUS Worksheet for the finishers of this course (Hooray!),
  • 30 minutes of free Inner Circle executive coaching, to discuss all leadership and teamwork questions you have.


Ready to start your team? Buckle up, we're on your side. 




All materials are for your eyes only, and the exclusive code for your 30 minutes of free coaching can be used only once.