Poster - The Lions

Poster - The Lions

Office poster printed on beautiful, thick, high quality paper.


Created for The Lions. The only huge cats, living in groups in this world. These groups, called prides, are close family groups. They work together to defend and hunt. To do so, lions use intelligent hunting tactics, to catch prey they would not be able to catch on their own. A lion's roar is the loadest of cats, and can be heard up to 8km away. They also have amazing night vision. So when the sky falls, they still see opportunities ahead. The Lions symbolize protection, strength and courage, as well as being "The King of the Jungle". 


Let's roar!




All of our A3 sized office posters are printed on beautiful, thick, high quality 300 grams paper. At The Vivacious, we collaborate with the rockstars of the Dutch company Ecodrukkers. This means that we produce all of our products under the Ecoprinted® label, as proof we're NOT using harmful solvents. We only use FSC certified paper, CO2 neutral production methods/materials, bio-ink and biobased printing improvements in our office stationery. Why? Because we love high quality products which are loved by this earth too.

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