Poster - The Ants

Poster - The Ants

Office poster printed on beautiful, thick, high quality paper.


Created for The Ants out there. This fascinating specie can actually outwit, outplay and outlast humans, in many ways. They can carry objects about 50 times their own body weights in their jaws, they herd other insects, they collaborate with plants and have lived next to the dinosaurs in this world. Although they are tiny, they even started farming long before humans did. Ants secreted chemicals with antibiotic properties to inhibit mold growth, for instance. And ever heard of their scent trails to guide others to food?



All of our A3 sized office posters are printed on beautiful, thick, high quality 300 grams paper. At The Vivacious, we collaborate with the rockstars of the Dutch company Ecodrukkers. This means that we produce all of our products under the Ecoprinted® label, as proof we're NOT using harmful solvents. We only use FSC certified paper, CO2 neutral production methods/materials, bio-ink and biobased printing improvements in our office stationery. Why? Because we love high quality products which are loved by this earth too.

Making Positivity Work. 


Some amazing creatures, these Ants!