LIFE - Card collection (8pc.)

LIFE - Card collection (8pc.)

Eight pieces of life.

To be shared or as a keepsake on your own desk.


How are you doing?


This collection can be ordered with some awesome double glass photo frames. Such a shame to cover the personal message written for your colleague, so we've decided to show two sides of glory!


Quotes included in this 8-piece card collection:


  • It's all temporary
  • Everything has its own pace
  • It all happens for a reason
  • Crazy? Yep.
  • How are you?
  • Rebel with a cause
  • Why bother?
  • You cannot not communicate


Spread curiousity and make your team smile. Change the cards in the frame every now and then. It will bring you new talks and insights. Easy as that, to tickle the mind!


The package includes a beautiful black box to save your cards for the right occasion.


All of our office greeting card collections are printed on beautiful, thick, high quality 300 grams paper. At The Vivacious, we produce all of our products under the Ecoprinted® label, as proof we're NOT using harmful solvents. We only use FSC certified paper, CO2 neutral production methods/materials, bio-ink and biobased printing improvements in our office stationery. Why? Because we love high quality products which are loved by this earth too.