Coaster - Game bundle (10pc.)

Coaster - Game bundle (10pc.)

Having a break? In for a fresh brain? Ready for some laughter? Time for the game changers. Keep your desk clean, and your smile big. This batch of coffee coasters brings you games. Games for you, your waiting customers at the reception or your colleagues who are desperately wanting to be defeated by you!

What's in the GAME bundle of coffee coasters:

  • Connecting points
  • 9 Circles
  • Draw along
  • Draw Challenge (2pc.)
  • Flip and Catch
  • I Spy 
  • Pen Dartboard
  • Rent-a-room
  • Scoreboard


By using these coasters, the regular coffee coasters in your office change into good vibes. Multi-purpose, and printed on FSC-qualified paper with IPA-free ink. Let's make positivity work.

Want multiple sets, not only for your team, but for the complete building? Contact us for more than 10 sets via and receive a special offer!