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As in running physically, but also in business. One corresponds to an 'empty mind and a fit body', the other corresponds to our professional goals. While I came up with the (I know.. crazy) idea to increase my body fitness in order to finish a 70.3 triathlon, a friend of mine told me about a unusual phenomena. "You should watch the birds while running".

At that beautiful Saturday night, I told her I would probably be 'somewhat' busy actually surviving my runs, instead of watching feathered friends along the way.

But.. As with all new information that touches your interests: it got me thinking. Why the hell should I watch birds while running? So, I started the test. First run: focus on determined training, pace, cadance, stride length. Second run: watch birds.

While I was watching flocks of flying creatures, something changed. Running slower, enabling myself to disperse my focus on my surroundings, I noticed actually more than birds. I enjoyed the outdoors in a different, more conscious way and got very peacefully aware of my heartrate and breathing. Note: without looking at my watch.

Being more relaxed, I ran at a decent pace, and had a two-fold satisfaction afterwards. Achieved my miles, but also my mind. Digging into more scientific research behind it, watching these birds seems too be a great way to keep endurance sports physically realistic and triathlons achievable.

As many entrepreneurial leaders, I am used to run full throttle every single day. We run hard. And long. We run marathons. And we love it.

But is it healthy to run a marathon every day of the year?

I started missing details along the way. To be honest, I actually missed a beautiful path I could take through the fields for months. Found it while watching birds.

So in order to keep my training full of progress and fun, I decided to make a more durable combination. Staying on top, and staying healthy. Turning marathons into well-designed sprints.

Have you watched some (business) birds recently?