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They have never fit the standard protocols of schools.

Hello, hidden gems!

Last night, a short movie of Marianne Zwagerman caught our eyes. She's in a room full of highly educated people and one of them speaks of "the poorly educated" in this interactive session. Marianne explodes.


Because poorly educated people do not exist. We only categorize them this way along their careers.

As a kid, we have the ultimate freedom to develop and explore. Childhood is an exponential discovery of language, tastes, smells and movements. Growing up, we further evolve at schools and work. In hindsight, did you develop YOUR true superpower in complete freedom during school? Or was is the standard curriculum you have followed?

School is our source of classifications. We start with a natural distribution in age, quickly followed by performance ranking. No matter how young you are, you are graded and labeled.

So please tell us..

Is a boy who's reading slower than his classmate poorly educated?

How to handle poorly educated team members

No. He is simply not a talented reader. And that's okay.

As Marianne Zwagerman mentions in her fierce speech, imagine yourself leaving the office today. Walking outside, unlocking your car,100% ready to leave. But the car isn't starting. No response. Nothing. Oh dear..

Will speed reading help you to solve your car defect? Or is it this tiny slow-reader - who is amazingly quick with his hands and has a huge knowledge about your Range Rover - that comes to the rescue?

We all have our talents.

But do we let them fully thrive?

To stimulate the best in people, The Vivacious invests in upcoming movements like Kunskappskolan, to help our children find their true superpowers.

We mark this as phase one - a personalized school experience - while our Vivacious community brings you phase two at work.

Our quest is to develop high-performance teams, not highly educated teams. Poorly educated team members do not exist, we make them exist because of our own standardization.

Certain team members might not lead in our standardized classifications. But is it them or the classification that does not fit? Are you the one that can wrap its head around this potential in front of you?

You need to push the right button to turn talents on

If we really need any classification in life, we have two groups for you:

  1. Colleagues that are at the right spot with their talents and meaning in life, and

  2. Colleagues that are not and need change

Change is getting out of your comfort zone. Butt naked and vulnerable, because you're not the best anymore in this new field. YIKES.

This makes it self-evident to have colleagues hesitant to take part in new discoveries. It's the climate we have nurtured from our first day at school. You need to be the best within the framework. No excuses.

What framework does work?

In order to develop a high performance team, you are the one who gathers and sparks talents. To do so, you need the right environment.

This environment consist at least out of the following factors:

1. Team goals

By formulating a common goal, people are able to operate like a team. Shared goals are known to increase self-confidence, as one can help to reach for the shared sky.

2. Personal goals

To get to the common goal, it is important to define personal goals. This gives responsibility and space for appreciation when one succeeds.

3. Appreciation

Thanking one for their efforts is crucial. Team members need to be seen, feel that their work makes a difference. What happens to you if your work seems to matter?

4. Equal treatment

When your work matters, motivation flourishes. This can be undone rather quickly, if the work of others matters more. Treating all team members equal is crucial for long-term loyalty and motivation.

5. Freedom of speech

This equality circles back into freedom of speech. Everyone should be able to share thoughts, without being judged. Great business ideas intend to sound weird at first. Right, iPad lovers? There's no 'standard' and no 'weird'. There's just you and your companions.