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"We're doing great over here. The hotel is fabulous, as is the beach. We have perfect weather and enjoy great food every night. See you soon! Miss you!"

The joy of postcards from all over the world. Rectangular papers covered in touristy designs, flattered with handwritten texts and a tiny drawing of the sun accompanied by the current summer temperature in the left corner. A bit beaten, but still readable, they drop onto your doorstep.

Cards that have already lived a life - keen on travelling the world. They are sent by loved ones, who think of you even when they are enjoying the holidays. They took the time to buy one, visit unknown shops for an international stamp and to carefully write one somewhere on a terrace overlooking the ocean. Feel the breeze..

Do you remember receiving a postcard? The excitement of discovering who made this effort? Checking if you recognize the handwriting, before you opened the envelope?

Sending cards is like sending surprises. An unexpected beam of light enters the room and brightens an otherwise regular day. Why don't we do this more often? It won't cost us much and the result is priceless.

Ready for some positive change in your life?

  1. Stock them up, Charlie - Purchase a batch of cards. Batch-purchases are cheaper and you'll never be out of cards when you want to send one.

  2. Keep them precious close - Keep the pile of cards within reach. Make it an easy catch-and-send. They deserve a beautiful storage box to make the party even bigger each time you send out some kindness.

  3. We're all unique - Make sure you buy different messages, so there's always a smile that fits the situation. Forget the standard 'Happy birthday' messages. You're better than this.

  4. Remind yourself - Missing out on sending cards? Put a monthly reminder in your calender. When the reminder pops up, you'll know who could use a card at that moment.

As soon as you will send more, you will enjoy the positive vibes you're spreading. Kindness can change someone's entire day.

Sending a great card is phase 1, sending a strong message is even better.

"I'm so out of inspiration. Doing it the easy way and just winging my name on it."

But what do I write on a greeting card?

Could be you, just winging your name on a card and sending it out? We've got you covered. Time to step up your message-game. Answer these questions to nail your message:

  1. Do you have a positive nickname for the receiver to start with?

  2. What is the receiver going through at the moment? Describe what you see/feel happening right now.

  3. How is he or she handling this situation? Like a rockstar? Having a rough time? Recognition means a lot.

  4. What would be the most positive future you'd like to see for him or her?

  5. Will he or she get there?

  6. Will you be there on their side along the way? Doing what?

  7. What's the one thing they need the most on this path? It's your closing-mantra!

  8. And then.. Your name. Or nickname, if you dare.

Now you've actually got your thoughts out on paper. Scary? Kindness can never go wrong. Just make sure you write with a positive state of mind.

Talking about positive state of minds. The earliest known postcard, handpainted in 1840 by Theodore Hook, was actually send to himself, as a practical joke to the postal service. It's what cards do, make people smile.

But there's more. Cards can inspire, energize, cherish, comfort, spark, love, clear dark skies, challenge, invite and be topic starters.

Office smiles

That's why The Vivacious invites greetings cards into offices. We put them into beautiful double-glass frames, through which your cards can be your desk-buddies. Put a strong message on your desk and notice the effects.

As one will walk by, there's always an easy topic to talk about: today's card. And if you hesitate to say NO out loud, we'll do it for you. If you're in need of some help and you don't dare to ask, we've got you covered.

It's okay to share your highs and lows. Just be you. And make sure your colleagues do the same, by spreading the word.

Write a card to a colleague

If you feel something's wrong with your colleague, but there's no time/place to talk about it, drop a card on one's desk. Make sure you're out there supporting. A small drop can mean an ocean to someone.

Be that drop. At work, at home, wherever you'd like. It costs you just a bit of your time but no act of kindness is ever wasted.