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Updated: Jul 3, 2018

We are the stories. Stories to be told. We share this world together like piles of books, but do not always open up and tell the true story about ourselves. We might get hurt, or yelled at.

The word might says it all. Let's say we prefer an oops instead of a what if. Choose life over being lived. This honestly took me a while. Got myself some nice bruises. Luckily, I have been teaching some boxing lessons in my life (I kid you not). Learned to defend and push my attention to the right spots.

You are the right spot right now. Right there. Great to have you around, wherever you are. In this small world, which we are privileged to travel, a vivacious mind seemed to be rare at first. In the meantime, I am convinced this is absolutely not the case. We simply forget to tell our vivacious story.

Stories to be told, stories to be made. It is a choice. Read some of the choices fellow vivacious minds made, or tell your own.

What's your story?