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Updated: Apr 17, 2018

When I was a kid, I was not the regular girl. I was not the regular team player. I was a strange kind of rebellious. A thoughtful rebel. Always looking for the best, preferably unpaved roads. Always exactly knowing what one wants to hear and listening when one needed that ear, to get them on that same vivacious road.

That was why my first executive coach did not work out. Holy crap, it did not. I just told him what he wanted to hear. I got him off my back to realize the progress myself. I was better than him.

Deleted previous sentence about 10 times, to eventually keep it right there. The truth is not always packaged humble. So when you are looking for the right coach, stop being ordinary. For anyone's good: your executive coach needs to be better than you.

An even bigger rebel; dropping you in the woods instead of keeping you on the same path. There are no identical others on this level. You're ahead of the mass. You need a mentor who is able to think beyond and spark the best.

No structured, theoretical meetings, consumable for the majority. Straight to the point, cutting you in half with the right questions. Laughing with you, both on bare feet. Why would you make it an inefficient show? You got here because there is some shit to be improved before you can go ahead, right?

Well, get that shit done. Find the biggest rebel out there and put fear and ego aside. Find that rebel with a cause.