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Updated: Jul 3, 2018

With billions of humans on this globe, there should always be someone that would be a great add to your team. But how the heck do you find the right team member?

Gathering a high performance team can be done quickly. As long as your finger in the water attracts the fish you are looking for. If you're looking for barracudas, make sure you wear bright colors so they can see you. If you're looking for sharks, make sure you spill some blood so they can smell you.

All animals and humans love to be attracted in a certain way. You can shoot for the mass, but let's shoot for the moon. Saves you a lot of time, cost and energy, directing all efforts immediately to the right person.

So, here's the deal:

1. Know what team member you are looking for

You need to identify what you are doing right now. For once in your life, write down all tasks you are dealing with. Add the tasks you have always wanted to do to the same list. We're aiming for exponential growth here, my friend.

Your task list can now be cut in half:

a) What are the tasks that only you can do? (and no, this is not the complete list, cheater)

b) What are the things you could delegate to a new team member?

Now add some characteristics you prefer in a colleague to top it off and there's your job description.

2. Know what your ultimate team member likes

The job description gives you a title, the tasks to be done and the type person you'd like to work with. Now it is time to reach out to these specific type of persons. Where are they at?

Is your new team member a huge fan of Facebook (most popular by the youngest and eldery users of social media), Linkedin (mature professionals), Instagram (young and visual fans), or rather on sites as or

Pick your weapons and make sure your job description has the following:

Clean title: what will one search for?

Great opening line: sum up 3 characteristics they can highly use within your company

The right feeling: describe the function and the company vision vividly. No need for a show, attract by truth.

The offer: what's so cool about your team and this function?

The needs: what level or interests does one need to enjoy the function?

The characteristics: feed their recognition. "This is sooo me".

The invite: let's get together and tell them how.

Bottom line?

3. Shoot for the moon

You just got your job offer on fleek. Publish it, spread the word in your network and don't forget to publish it on your own website too. The response you will receive will be less and of higher quality. This is gathering team members the efficient and result-driven way. All to realize the high performance team you are looking for.

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