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2019's Happy Holidays are made today Although there are 11 equally long periods this year, the december month is very special. It brings an unique atmosphere within companies. The pressure is off. 99% of the year is done, right? Yeah, right.

Just imagine what the nevertheless remaining 8,3% of the year can bring, if used well. Getting ahead of your competitors, who are already slowing down.

Next year arrives within a couple of weeks. Coming weeks there will be a big chunk of the global population celebrating their happy holidays. Here's how to celebrate Christmas at work while turning even the 12th month into a productive one.

By balancing on the thin line of celebration and motivation, it's actually the perfect time to:


Get your shit done These are the last meters ahead. Snatch your 2018 vision, define what's left and get it done. Make a one-page to do list for these last weeks. Practise top-notch prioritizing and make your december indeed one to remember. You've come a long way. Finish the stint with some bad-ass jumps and a huge smile.

#2 Show your respect

While your coworkers are getting into the mood of joy and laughter, it's a perfect time to pay them the respect they deserve. What are their awesome accomplishments this year? Take a thoughtful look back and recite. Hand them your findings on a Christmas card, send them a personal email or tell them face-to-face what positive impact they have had on the company and their colleagues this year.

#3 Refine your vision Reviewing the year can be enlightening. How about a look forward to generate even better days? Sketch your 2019 vision now. What is the ultimate goal for next year? And what steps do we need to take to accomplish this? Draw, scribble, think big and execute in small steps.

#4 Share dreams These strategic sessions can be very rewarding. It defines who you are as a leader and where you're going. Can you visualize these goals clearly? Then it's time to communicate your 2019 vision to your team and other stakeholders. Compose your vision as a shared goal and make sure everyone feels the steps needed towards this goal. Get your coworkers and suppliers sparked to get back to work January 2nd.

#5 Nourish rituals

Before they arrive that day, we've got some final activities to take care of. Most of us are very happy to leave work and share the holidays with our friends and families. But how about the work family? To brighten team spirits, make sure you develop at least two rituals each year: a goodbye and a welcome back.

Goodbyes represent celebrations at the end of the year. Goodbye to this year, to all the good and the bad times we've seen. Process it, celebrate it, close it. Thank everyone for the ride. You can thank your team in many ways:

  • Getting out of the office By using Christmas dinners, escape rooms, cooking workshops, city tours, salsa class, paintball sessions, winter bbq, skydiving, creative workshops (flowers, pottery, metal, painting), blowkarting, bungeejumping, iceskating, nature walks, and more.

  • Celebrate in the office Can be done too. Try brain games, pencil javelin (who is this year's pencil-throwing-champ?), bring-your-favorite-food-to-work-day, rubber band archery, sort-the-skittles competition, hire a masterchef, playing darts or bingo, thank you sessions (I would like to thank you for your...), karaoke, cocktail workshops, theme party, chopstick competition, Ugly Christmas Sweater Days, you name it.

While saying goodbye for a few days, it's time to rejuvenate your own spirit too. Make sure you're refueling during the holidays, so you can sincerly reply "I'm doing awesome" on your first day at work in 2019.

Getting back at it, means a welcome back session.

Here we are, ready for a new year. Sounds somewhat frightening, but we're a team and there's nothing that frightens us as long as we are together. We all have a shared goal and our own talents to contribute. Let's make this happen.

Make sure you say farewell to 2018 and celebrate the opportunities 2019 will bring. And please, spread some laughter this and coming year. We trust you and your potential to change this world for the good. Happy holidays!