How it works

Our goal is to fill your office with positive vibes. Non-stop. Since we spend a lot of our time at work, why not make it a good time? 


Here's how it all goes down: 

Get started

Select one of the risk-free starter sets and see how positivity works for you.

We will, we will spark you

We will continue to deliver fresh 300 grams FSC certified posters on a monthly basis.

Hit the sweet spot

You can adjust your business themes 365 days a year. Make sure your posters correspond with your scrum sprints, hot topics or this year's company goals. 


Changing the poster will be an easy new ritual. Take it down, swap it, put it up and the fresh boost is out there. Hello, mental and verbal growth. 

Random acts of kindness

Getting your previous poster down, you'll know with whom to share it. Pack it neatly in our deluxe envelopes and spread the love.

Save the best

When you're loyal, we are too. When staying around for 3+ months, we'll send you your exclusive archival box for free to celebrate our friendship. 

Let's make great memories together.

Wait, what? There's more?