At The Vivacious, we are not aiming for the moon. Nah, that's what everyone else is aiming for. We're heading for the stars.


They are further away. Stars team up in clusters or galaxies. They have produced nearly every element in nature. They produce energy to warm us (hello, sun!) and.. most of them are not even identified. 

To bring sunshine at work on this planet, we aim to develop luminous new products and (customer) services to fulfill our quest: making positivity work.

If you are the owner of an active intuition, interesting thoughts and a good soul, feel free to jump aboard. Don't we all want to leave something good behind?

Active intuition

We are determined to build a more positive work environment on this globe. We therefore tap into the emotions and knowledge of others. Having a great intuition, as well as a pro-active and positive state is key within our teams.

Interesting thoughts

We don't have to be identical. You can be totally you. At The Vivacious, we believe in positive differences. We gather the ones that are on the same quest, probably with different routes. By multiplying these routes, we create awesome teams and products.

Good soul

There's no greater luck than realizing how lucky you are. Reading this, means you're able to touch the internet and you're up for your own choices. Reach out, so your good soul can touch ours and thousands of others out there. It's a small world after all.